Trading Tidbits

Here are few advices that we usually hear from professional traders:

‘let your winners run and cut your losing trades quickly.”

"Leave your emotions at the door."

"Buy above and sell low."

“Don’t buy at resistance and don’t sell at support.”

"the trend is your friend."

“buy the pullbacks in a trending market.”

But what are these tidbits got to do when in the first place, most traders doesn't have a discipline to follow their own rules? What more a tidbits that they only usually hear from other traders..

One of the problem in trading forex is the ability to grasp everything about the market.

It's really a sad fact..

But i guess the turning point of that is learning from your own mistakes.. and realize what was the main reason of your downfall..

And that would be the time for you to wake up and face the reality that the industry of forex is not so friendly.. It's risky and there are lots of shark out there waiting to swallow.

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Aldhis said...

But we can't say that this is an infotainment business based on gossip, can we? :)

Richmond said...

wow. Now I know all about forex. Great site

Julie said...

Your site is such an informative site on Forex trading. I haven't done anything in the market, but I am curious to learn more and see if it's something I want to try.

Brian said...

I have to say that I have found your site to be very informational and helpful. I dugg this post as well & we're already buddies on Digg.

Mongo22 (Brian)

lanker said...

My english is not good,but i like your site!

Make money online said...

thats really nice info on forex... i am bit newbie so not much aware of this. thanx for sharing

Larry B said...

Thanks for sharing this! Very informative!

Jesse Liebman said...

In these tough economic times I'm sure a resource is one people will refer to frequently. Every little bit helps.

vishalr said...

yea that's tellin em!

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